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Best School In Kashipur
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CBSE Schools In Kashipur
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Samar Study Hall is the premier school of the Samar Study Group of schools. It is an English medium Co-educational school which came into existence in the year 2005.
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Mr. Anuj Bhatia Principal

"Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not the preparation for life; Education is life itself." Today, the role of a school is not only to exceed in academics but also to motivate its students to be constant learners and innovative thinkers...

Mrs. Mukta Singh President

As we look forward to the future, we envision Samar Study Hall Sr. School as a place where excellence in education means educating the whole child. We aim to provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive and successful...

toppers 2018-19
class X
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  • Vibhuti Khurana
  • Diksha Manral
  • Dhwani Gangwani
  • Ananya Agarwal
  • Dhruv Gangwani
  • Aditi Arora
  • Ishman Kaur
  • Jaskaran Singh
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Class XII
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  • Ayushi Pal
    97.4% (Science)
  • Sandeep Kaur
    97.2% (Science)
  • Deeksha Sharma
    96.8% (Science)
  • Gurmehar Singh
    94.4% (Science)
  • Ilma Usmani
    94.2% (Science)
  • Navdha Agarwal
    94% (Science)
  • Anshika Rajpal
    93.4% (Science)
  • Ekansh Agarwal
    92.6% (Science)
  • Shivanshi Chauhan
    92.2% (Science)
  • Jeevesh Nandan
    91.8% (Science)
  • Vanshika Chugh
    90.4% (Science)
  • Mudit dubey
    96.4% (Comm)
  • Kashisk Agarwal
    96% (Comm)
  • Garima Agarwal
    90.4% (Comm)
  • Chitra Arora
    95.5% (Humm)
  • Amisha
    93% (Humm)
  • Vastvikta Bhardwaj
    92% (Humm)
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happy birthday
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  • snehpreet kaur
    Class - 8-A
  • priyanshu goswami
    Class - 7-B
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